“I’m Not Buying it”: Short for McClung’s Magazine

This short originally appeared in McClung’s Magazine, a feminist magazine based out of Ryerson University in Toronto.


Interview with a Cyborg | How Machines Mesh with Mankind

The Biotechnology revolution is here. Get ready for bluetooth-enabled skulls, cybernetically extended senses and a total disruption of what it means to be human.

Girls With Slingshots | Danielle Corsetto

Author and illustrator Danielle Corsetto is the creative brainpower behind Girls With Slingshots, an online comic strip delivering your daily dose of awesome. The series is focused on two girls living in the city. Characters Jamie and… Continue reading

Dr. Robertus Laser & Cosmetic Clinic

  This copy was originally developed for daily deal website living social.  

Thai Food Restaurant

This copy was originally developed for daily deal website living social.

Is Branded Journalism Still Journalism?

It’s called “branded journalism,” or “content journalism,” and it’s the next big movement in communications, but traditional media figures are shaking their fingers.

Facebook Censorship- Is Big Brother Watching You? .

The scope of our social media freedom is still being negotiated, and Facebook may not me the unmediated form of self-publishing and information sharing that we’d like to think. A feature for The Social Times.

Food Fight | Social Media Fuels Jamie Oliver’s Social Media Revolution

Health advocate Jamie Oliver doesn’t just cook great meals, he’s also fueling a cultural movement towards food awareness—and he’s using a social media campaign to spice things up.

You are What you Tweet | Writing your way into the Social Media Revolution

In April of 2011, I attended an author speaking panel at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore on behalf of The Social Times to find out how social media is changing the face of publishing.

I Challenge you to tell a Great Story on Twitter

Is it possible to tell a great story on social media?

Google Goes Gaga

This feature was originally published for The Social Times, a division of MediaBistro, where Amanda contributed as a digital culture columnist Now here’s a celebrity who’s with social media. Or, I suppose I should write, “here’s… Continue reading

Cytotec: Rebirth of the “Coat Hanger” Abortion?

A drug for stomach ulcers is being used on the black market to induce abortions in the Americas.

A Conversation with Djanet Sears

In March of 2011, I had the opportunity to interview the famous playwright Djanet Sears for Black History Month

La Merceria | Queen West Coffee

After spending a lifetime traveling Europe, Sandra Rojas-Chinni and Marcelo Chinni know a thing or two about European coffee culture.

Diamond In The Rough| The Annex HodgePodge.

After years of preparing healthy meals on a dime for her family, Jenna Katz decided to open up a space of her own in the Annex to share her culinary talents.

A Story of Loss and Gain |Book Review of “Unbearable Lightness” By Portia De Rossi

This book review was originally published for WOMAN.ca, a division of Elle Canada.

The Bricoleur of Luxembourg | An Interview with Marcel Terrani

This feature interview with collage artist Marcel Terrani was originally published for CONTRA, a lifestyle magazine chronicling the latest ideas in music, fashion, art and design.

Jimmy’s Coffee | King West Coffee

Tucked away from Toronto’s busy main streets, Jimmy’s Coffee at Portland and Adelaide is the type of café you visit when you want to disappear from the world.

Open Waters | CONTRA sits down with Morgan Waters of Sweet Thing

In January of 2011 I interviewed Morgan Waters of Sweet Thing for CONTRA Magazine.

Lit Espresso Bar | College West Coffee

Every so often, I visit an indie café so great, so perfect, and so complete that I hesitate to even write about it. The moment word gets out, I know I’ll revisit this spot shortly only to find myself scouring for a free table.

Burberry Prorsum | Fall/Winter 2011

Nobody brings it like the Burberry boys, and this year, the Prorsum menswear designers have outdone themselves.

Dave Matthews for John Varvatos | Spring Summer 2011

Dave Matthews plays a classical troubadour for John Varvatos’ Spring/Summer 2011 campaign.

Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters | Queen West Coffee

Since it’s opening on November 8th, Sense Appeal has lured coffee enthusiasts away from their regular caffeine hubs. The trick? A better product.

Gucci | Spring/Summer Eyewear 2011

The only thing hotter than Gucci’s Spring/Summer eyewear collection is its advertising campaign.

Headfood Radio | Playing for Change: “Stand by me”

Playing for Change is an international multimedia project connecting people across the world through music.