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“I’m Not Buying it”: Short for McClung’s Magazine

This short originally appeared in McClung’s Magazine, a feminist magazine based out of Ryerson University in Toronto.


Cytotec: Rebirth of the “Coat Hanger” Abortion?

A drug for stomach ulcers is being used on the black market to induce abortions in the Americas.

A Conversation with Djanet Sears

In March of 2011, I had the opportunity to interview the famous playwright Djanet Sears for Black History Month

A Story of Loss and Gain |Book Review of “Unbearable Lightness” By Portia De Rossi

This book review was originally published for, a division of Elle Canada.

Headfood Radio | Diane Cluck: ‘Here I am’

Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of fabulous female musicians: Regina Spektor, Florence + the Machine, Ida Maria. Add Diane Cluck to that list.

Blurring the Edges | Angela Grossman

As a female Canadian artist, Angela Grossmann feels twice removed from any type of cultural centre, and her work boldly expresses the liminality of identity in the modern Canadian context.