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Interview with a Cyborg | How Machines Mesh with Mankind

The Biotechnology revolution is here. Get ready for bluetooth-enabled skulls, cybernetically extended senses and a total disruption of what it means to be human.


Is Branded Journalism Still Journalism?

It’s called “branded journalism,” or “content journalism,” and it’s the next big movement in communications, but traditional media figures are shaking their fingers.

Facebook Censorship- Is Big Brother Watching You? .

The scope of our social media freedom is still being negotiated, and Facebook may not me the unmediated form of self-publishing and information sharing that we’d like to think. A feature for The Social Times.

Food Fight | Social Media Fuels Jamie Oliver’s Social Media Revolution

Health advocate Jamie Oliver doesn’t just cook great meals, he’s also fueling a cultural movement towards food awareness—and he’s using a social media campaign to spice things up.

You are What you Tweet | Writing your way into the Social Media Revolution

In April of 2011, I attended an author speaking panel at the Toronto Women’s Bookstore on behalf of The Social Times to find out how social media is changing the face of publishing.

I Challenge you to tell a Great Story on Twitter

Is it possible to tell a great story on social media?

Google Goes Gaga

This feature was originally published for The Social Times, a division of MediaBistro, where Amanda contributed as a digital culture columnist Now here’s a celebrity who’s with social media. Or, I suppose I should write, “here’s… Continue reading