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“I’m Not Buying it”: Short for McClung’s Magazine

This short originally appeared in McClung’s Magazine, a feminist magazine based out of Ryerson University in Toronto.


Girls With Slingshots | Danielle Corsetto

Author and illustrator Danielle Corsetto is the creative brainpower behind Girls With Slingshots, an online comic strip delivering your daily dose of awesome. The series is focused on two girls living in the city. Characters Jamie and… Continue reading

Facebook Censorship- Is Big Brother Watching You? .

The scope of our social media freedom is still being negotiated, and Facebook may not me the unmediated form of self-publishing and information sharing that we’d like to think. A feature for The Social Times.

A Conversation with Djanet Sears

In March of 2011, I had the opportunity to interview the famous playwright Djanet Sears for Black History Month

A Story of Loss and Gain |Book Review of “Unbearable Lightness” By Portia De Rossi

This book review was originally published for, a division of Elle Canada.

The Bricoleur of Luxembourg | An Interview with Marcel Terrani

This feature interview with collage artist Marcel Terrani was originally published for CONTRA, a lifestyle magazine chronicling the latest ideas in music, fashion, art and design.

Open Waters | CONTRA sits down with Morgan Waters of Sweet Thing

In January of 2011 I interviewed Morgan Waters of Sweet Thing for CONTRA Magazine.

Headfood Radio | Playing for Change: “Stand by me”

Playing for Change is an international multimedia project connecting people across the world through music.

Icy and Iranian Street Art

Move over, Banksy. Street art has a new bad boy.

Headfood Radio | Polly Scattergood: ‘Please Don’t Touch’

Polly Scattergood composed her first song at the age of four. Since then, she’s written more than eight hundred songs, including “Please Don’t Touch,” which was named record of the week on the Steve Lamacq show.

The Four-Chord Debate

Axis of Awesome is touring the UK making the case that writing a pop song is dead easy.

Headfood Radio | Diane Cluck: ‘Here I am’

Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of fabulous female musicians: Regina Spektor, Florence + the Machine, Ida Maria. Add Diane Cluck to that list.

Black Dub | Live off the Floor

Black Dub debuted in America in October of 2009 at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, and since then, the band has been making international sound waves.

Headfood Radio | Mumford & Sons: “Little Lion Man”

Despite Mumford & Sons’ multiple nominations for Grammy Awards in December 2010, the London-based band is still not a household name. But not for long.

Blurring the Edges | Angela Grossman

As a female Canadian artist, Angela Grossmann feels twice removed from any type of cultural centre, and her work boldly expresses the liminality of identity in the modern Canadian context.

Fun Theory | The Piano Stairs

In this post for CONTRA, I look at a Stockholm-based project “The Fun Theory,” a project dedicated to the concept that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better.

Dana Lee | Spring/Summer 2011

Dana Lee is a Canadian-born designer whose making waves in New York fashion circles for her effortlessly cool menswear collections.

Re-making the Grade

Professor Denis Rancourt’s fight to give every student in his University of Ottawa an A+ has been both celebrated and vilified. Amid the controversy and lawsuits, there’s a serious discussion underway about radically rethinking how students learn. A feature for THIS Magazine.

The Green Movement goes to Market

This feature was originally developed in a literary non-fiction honours course with Professor Julia Creet, who was the English Chair of York University at the time. It was submitted to and published by MacMedia Magazine, one of York’s student newspapers. It is my first published feature.