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Girls With Slingshots | Danielle Corsetto

Author and illustrator Danielle Corsetto is the creative brainpower behind Girls With Slingshots, an online comic strip delivering your daily dose of awesome. The series is focused on two girls living in the city. Characters Jamie and… Continue reading

A Conversation with Djanet Sears

In March of 2011, I had the opportunity to interview the famous playwright Djanet Sears for Black History Month

The Bricoleur of Luxembourg | An Interview with Marcel Terrani

This feature interview with collage artist Marcel Terrani was originally published for CONTRA, a lifestyle magazine chronicling the latest ideas in music, fashion, art and design.

Icy and Iranian Street Art

Move over, Banksy. Street art has a new bad boy.

Matthew Woodson | Neither Here Nor There

This post produced for Contra magazine looks at up-and-coming graphic artist Matthew Woodson’s hauntingly beautiful designs.

Blurring the Edges | Angela Grossman

As a female Canadian artist, Angela Grossmann feels twice removed from any type of cultural centre, and her work boldly expresses the liminality of identity in the modern Canadian context.