Girls With Slingshots | Danielle Corsetto

Girls With Slingshots | Danielle Corsetto

Girls with Slingshots Comics

Author and illustrator Danielle Corsetto is the creative brainpower behind Girls With Slingshots, an online comic strip delivering your daily dose of awesome. The series is focused on two girls living in the city. Characters Jamie and Hazel deal with all the problems regular twentysomething need to deal with—paying rent, exploring their sexuality, and well, just organizing their lives—all rolled into one compact web comic.

GWS has earned praise from feminist bloggers and tweeters alike for it’s open discussion of queer sexuality, STDs , and disabilty. “The webcomics community is an incredibly gender-neutral field [and] I’m honoured to be part of such an open-minded community” Corsetto said in an interview with Bitch Magazine. Corsetto also expresses her ambition to take a break from GWS to write a movie script or text-based story.

The author and illustrator describes herself to her 15,780 Twitter followers as a cartoonist, Girl Scout leader, and lush. On her webpage, she lists her vanity stats, proudly boasting her degrees in photography, digital media, and bullshitting.

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