Jimmy’s Coffee | King West Coffee


Tucked away from Toronto’s busy main streets, Jimmy’s Coffee at Portland and Adelaide is the type of café you visit when you want to disappear from the world.


Inconspicuous and definitely not mainstream, Jimmy’s provides a tranquil atmosphere for coffee drinkers looking to avoid the lineups and bustle of corporate coffee chains.

“We like to keep things natural here,” Julian, one of the baristas, tells me. Their homestyle mantra is reflected in all aspects of the café, from their baked treats, to the earth-toned walls, to the wood furniture. Owner Phil Morrison and manager Max Waters cater to both the latte lofter, who spends hours sipping from the same mug while reading the newspaper, as well as the grab-and-go coffee drinker, who swiftly assembles their coffee at the condiments bar before disappearing into one of the many nearby agencies or retail shops.

My favourite features of Jimmy’s? The quaint outdoor patio, which seats ten, and the sign on the staff storage room, which reads “Dungeon: Staff & Dragons Only.”


For under $5, you can treat yourself to any of their specialty drinks (lattes, cappuccinos, etc.) and for pocket change ($2-2.50) you can enjoy a solo or double espresso. Jimmy’s cafe is located on the lower-level of a renovated home at 107 Portland Street. Great music, friendly staff, free internet, and an assortment of cool magazines.