Headfood Radio | Playing for Change: “Stand by me”

Stand By me

Madonna once sang that “music makes the people come together.”

Playing for Change is a multimedia music project that exemplifies Madonna’s words by connecting people across the globe through music. The project was founded by American producer Mark Johnson in 2004 in an initiative to “inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world”.

The video for Stand By Me started in California, when the crew was walking the streets of Santa Monica and heard a passionate and soulful voice a block away. The voice belonged to Rodger Ridley, a professional troubadour. The video starts with Ridley and moves across ten counties and features nineteen artists contributing their unique sounds to Ben. E. King’s original rendition of the song.

Playing for Change has collected artists and musicians from all over the world and has recorded ten songs in the same eclectic fashion, creating a narrative of their journey through song and video. They typically choose songs that convey their message of unity, love, and renaissance, such as Bob Marley’s One Love and Tracy Chapman’s Talkin Bout a Revolution. 

Currently, Playing for Change is working on their year-long project surrounding the John Lennon classic Imagine. So far, they’ve visited India, Brazil, Nepal, Toyko, and New York, and are updating their followers on their blog along the way.