Icy and Iranian Street Art

Icy and Iranian Street Art

Icy 1

Move over, Banksy. Street art has a new bad boy.

Be on the lookout for Icy, the Iranian graffiti artist whose painting the streets of Tehran and beyond. Little is known about this villain-in-the-night street decorator, but his work is becoming increasingly ubiquitous not only in Iran but throughout the world. Icy’s work depicts marginalized figures who  are often hidden from public consciousness, like child labourers and the homeless.

He stencils small figures on bricks or pieces of broken plaster and then abandons them amongst the garbage in the streets. These children are the forgotten ones, the leftovers of a world gone wrong. The contrast between the innocent children and the deteriorating landscape creates a painful irony all too real for passers-by to ignore.

Icy reminds us that art has always been a mode of resistance, of questioning the status quo, and that graffiti has always been a political gesture.