Headfood Radio | Polly Scattergood: ‘Please Don’t Touch’

Polly Scatergood

Lately, I have a taste for strange: I want to hear new sounds, I want to see new colours, and yes, I want to see a life-sized Cabbage Patch girl sing about bloody broken fingers and her off-tune piano.

Polly Scattergood is an English singer/songwriter from Colchester, Essex. Her music can’t quite be categorized, but is often swept under the “eclectic” or “electric pop” rugs. Scattergood says she composed her first song at the age of four, while playing with a toy piano. Since then, she’s written more than eight hundred songs over the course of her musical studies at the British School for Performing Arts.

“I like experimenting with sounds” Scattergood writes on her Twitter profile, where she updates a growing number of followers on the progress of her second album. Her self-titled debut album was released in the UK in March, 2009, and was immediately named record of the week on the Steve Lamacq show. Stay tuned to hear what’s next from this rising starlet.

Favourite lines: “I like to play piano / but it’s often out of tune / there are lots of broken fingers / in the dark parts of my room”