The Green Beanery | Annex Coffee

This review was originally written for Toronto Coffee, a blog dedicated to profiling indie coffee shops. 

The Green Beanery at Bathurst and Bloor: A Cultural Hub


Situated at the edge of Toronto’s historical annex, Green Beanery caffinates the minds of some of Toronto’s most innovative thinkers. Sunday morning at the Bean feels more like a salon or cultural hub than a coffee shop. The cafe is located on the southeast corner of Bathurst and Bloor—an intersection now famous thanks to the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The cafe roasts and brews different beans daily, and most of their coffee is thick and full-bodied. If you’re looking for a tasty, off-beat treat, the menu at the Green Beanery can’t be topped: try the caramel sea-salt brownie ($2.75) to satisfy your craving for both sweet and savoury, or a chocolate pistachio-dipped shortbread triangle ($2,75).

The Green Beanery offers Toronto’s best selection of coffee beans for take-home brewing, which range in price and flavour. A medium Sumatra roast costs $10 per pound, whereas a bag of the rare and cultivated Jamaican Blue Mountain bean weighs in at $60 a pound. All beans arrive at the cafe unroasted and green (hence the cafe’s name). Beans are then roasted and ground for filter machines, French presses or automatic machines, or can be taken home whole to grind fresh daily.

The cafe also features an assortment of coffee contraptions: french presses, brewers, grinders, and espresso machines are available for purchase. Fifty dollars can get you a quality stainless-steel Bialetti stovetop espresso kettle. Or, if you’re looking to invest, automatic machines range anywhere from $700-$2,000.