Headfood Radio | Diane Cluck: ‘Here I am’

Diane Cluck

Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of fabulous female musicians: Regina Spektor, Florence + the Machine, Ida Maria. Add Diane Cluck to that list.

These women make me happy; they scrunch their faces when they sing and slam their guitars, more concerned with making the right sound than with appearing aesthetically pleasing. Unafraid of singing high-pitched or making unconventional sounds, these women throw their voices, reaching new intensive heights and expressing the dissonant nuances of female emotion. By shouting, Diane Cluck challenges docile images of femininity and opens a sound space where women can sing their stories, however unusually tuned they may be.

Diane Cluck can be classified as part of the neo-folk or anti-folk movement typically attributed to New York’s East Village. Her self-released, self-titled album debuted in 2000, and since then, this singer has worked relentlessly, adding to her discography nearly every year (Her most recent work: Oh Vanille/Ova Nil, a reissue of her previously recorded but yet-to-be-released tracks).

Happy Listening!