Headfood Radio | Mumford & Sons: “Little Lion Man”

Little Lion Man

 It was not your fault but mine / and it was your heart on the line / I really fucked it up this time / didn’t I my dear? – Little Lion Man, from Sigh No More, Mumford & Sons (2009)

Are your ears listening? Are your feet tapping?

Despite this band’s nomination for two Grammy Awards in December 2010, Mumford & Sons is still not a household name. But everyone needs to know them.

Perhaps this London trio have gone undetected from the mainstream’s radar because of their familiarity: they sound too old, too refined, and too iconic to prompt any inquiries into their name. What’s this song? Your ears say, but before you ask aloud something inside stops you short. I must already know this song, since it feels like home. And it’s precisely this London-based band’s ability to deliver something classic yet innovative that contributes to their growing success at home and abroad.

Mumford & Sons formed in 2007 in the UK. The band consists of three members, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall, and Ted Dwane, who all provide vocals, and notoriously switch instruments on stage, displaying the diversity of their talent. Despite their versatility, each artist specializes in specific instruments: Lovett on the keyboard, accordion, and drums, Dwane on string bass, and Winston on the banjo and dobro (a trademark guitar often synnonomous with a  resonator guitar)

It’s nice to hear lyrics that tackle the subject of our oldest cliché, love, and still somehow manage to make it fresh. Mumford & Sons treat lyrics as their supposed to: lyrically. Their words are poetic are carefully-crafted, with much attention paid to the sound of each word as it matches the beat:

Roll away your stone, I’ll roll away mine

Together we can see what we can find

Don’t leave me alone at this time,

For I am afraid of what I will discover inside

Mumford & Sons makes music to move you, with their toe-tapping, finger-snapping keltic sounds. Slower songs provoke your soul—yes, I said it, your soul. It’s that thing inside you between your chest and pelvis. Close your eyes, open your ribcage, and let the notes enter.