Fun Theory | The Piano Stairs

Piano Stairs

Eat Right. Diet and exercise. Join a gym. With all the noise surrounding dietary and health resolutions for the New Year, we rarely come across innovative ideas promoting healthy living.

Enter “The Fun Theory,” a project dedicated to the concept that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. The purpose is to test whether or not more people chose the stairs over the escalator if taking the stairs is, well, fun!

Overnight, Fun Theory representatives work like Oompa-Loompas, transforming this stairway at Odenplan Plaza in Stockholm, Sweden into a oversized, fully functioning piano. The astounding results were captured on camera (above). Watch fully grown adults transform into six-year-olds the moment they realize that stepping on the stairs makes a sound.

The results? With the piano staircase, 66% more people chose the stairs rather than the escalator.

Healthy living isn’t the only initiative Fun Theory promotes. In an effort to reduce speeding in some of Sweden’s busiest intersections, one citizen by the name of Kevin Richardson came up with an award-winning idea: the speed camera lottery.

The speed camera lottery does two things: first, it photograph speeders, give them a citation [read: ticket], and that money goes in a pot. But, if you’re obeying the law, you’re picture is also snapped and you’re entered into a lottery for a chance to win some of that money from the speeders.

The average speed before the instillation of the lottery speedometer: 32 km/hr. The average speed during the experiment: 25 km/hr, a total reduction in speed of 22%.

To learn more about the Fun Theory, or to submit your brilliant idea, visit their website here.