Dark Horse Espresso Bar | Queen West Coffee

This review was originally written for Toronto Coffee Shops.com, a blog dedicated to profiling independent coffee shops in Toronto.

The New Kid on the Block: Dark Horse Espresso Bar Opens Third Location on Queen Street West 

Ryan Tir

Image via Ryan Tir on Flickr

Nested between Bathurst and Ossington Streets on Queen Street West, Dark Horse espresso opened the doors of its third location at Euclid Avenue today. If you’re a loyal DH fan like me, you’ll recognize some familiar faces behind the counter as well as some Dark Horse trademarks in the decor: large glass windows front the store, exposed brick protrudes from freshly painted white walls, and a substantial wooden table offers most of the seating at the front of the cafe (although lone spots line the bar and cozy round tables are available towards the back.)

Baristas at the new location pull their espresso from a Mirage machine, one of the leading brand names in coffee culture (the original Dark Horse location on Queen East also uses a Mirage).

Mirage Espresso Machine

Image via Eric Robinson on Flickr

 Dark Horse at Euclid offers the same artisan treats and beverages as its other two locations, and prices are the same. A French press coffee costs $3.50, while a specialty latte can range from $4-$6 depending on the type of milk (soy and lactose-free options available).

Latte from Dark Horse Espresso

Image via mikey on Flickr